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Serving up memories

Love Lane Ice Cream offers a unique and memorable experience for weddings, corporate and private events in the Quinte Area. We serve delicious, premium ice cream from a beautiful vintage-style Pashley bike.

Our Services

Our Services



"A special memory for a special day"

Corporate Events


"Boost your brand with a lasting memory"

Private Events


"Serve them something they won't forget"



Hello, I'm Barbara, owner and founder of Love Lane Ice Cream. I'm from Ireland, but moved to Canada in 2014. I am a designer and ice cream lover, and I'm passionate about creating lasting impressions and special memories for my clients.

When my husband Kyle and I got married, we had an ice cream bike at our wedding, just like the one we offer at Love Lane Ice Cream. Years later, my family and friends still tell me it is one of their fond and lasting memories from that day. A special detail that added to our celebration, giving it extra charm and delight for our guests.

Details matter to me, and I know they matter to you as you plan your wedding or event. I look forward to bringing you a one-of-a-kind ice cream experience your guests will talk about for years to come. 


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It's always a good time for ice cream!

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Sharing ice cream is sharing joy.

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